Environment and Sustainability

  • Renewable Energy Economy. We need to transition our economy to renewable energy and we need to stop making the false choice between cost and environment. More renewable energy means more renewable energy jobs.

  • Stop regulated monopolies who are stifling innovation. We need to break the hold of Dominion on our state. Currently, the energy needs in the state are dictated by what Dominion tells us they are. 

  • Empower communities to innovate and invest in green energy. Communities need the tools to build renewable cities, work with VHDA to make healthy and greeb, expand composting, etc. 

  • Affordable Housing. In the 57th district we have an affordable housing crisis. We need to incentivize employers to provide employer assisted housing. We need to support tax credits that incentivize affordable housing.

  • Education. We need to support universal pre-k that levels the playing field for all people in our community. We need to fully fund our schools. 

  • Progressive Tax Reform. We need to make taxes more progressive so every strata of our society is paying their fair share. 

  • Minority Businesses and local hiring. Institute and reinstate programs that level the playing field in the state contracting process promoting small businesses and unlocking local investment in communities of color. 

  • End policies of mass incarceration. End mandatory minimums in the state of Virginia. 

  • Decriminalize marijuana. We know that locking people up for marijuana is increasing the problems of mass incarceration. 

  • Gun Safety. An overwhelming percentage of the population now supports common sense gun control. Currently in the state of Virginia, you need to sign more liability paperwork to buy a bike than you do a gun. We need to institute mandatory background checks, close the gun show loophole, and make it harder for people with criminal backgrounds and history of mental illness to buy weapons.