Our Democratic Leaders Support Kathy Galvin for Delegate


David Toscano, Delegate 57th District

“Kathy has been a part of the fabric of this community, and has worked hard during her years on the school board and City Council. She understands our region. You can only acquire this knowledge by living here and serving. Kathy is not only well-versed in the community issues and smart; she has also demonstrated that she knows how to listen. And listening is critical to being successful in Richmond.”
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Reverend Dr. Alvin Edwards

Senior Pastor of Mt. Zion First African Baptist Church,
former Mayor of Charlottesville and former Charlottesville City School Board member
“Kathy Galvin is a thorough thoughtful thinker.  She has a strong work ethic and from personal experience whatever she does, she gives the best that she has.  She is a woman of excellence in all of her service and I believe we need a Delegate who has a heart for the best interest of our District.”


Norman Dill

Albemarle County Supervisor, Rivanna District
“I’ve worked with Kathy Galvin on a wide range of issues, from Climate Change to the Court System. She knows that a more just community, with stronger environmental standards, is rooted in regional cooperation and long standing relationships. We need a Delegate who can build relationships and work confidently and collaboratively across a broad range of interconnected issues that impact the 57th district. The best person for that job is Kathy Galvin. Kathy has a clear understanding of our community, long experience in government and knows how to get things done.”


Ann Mallek

Chair, Albemarle County Board of Supervisors
“Kathy Galvin works for her community, its neighbors, its resources and its future. She has worked for years to partner with colleagues from Albemarle County, to bring about significant improvements.  One important effort is on the workforce board, strengthening programs for job training for young graduates as well as workers displaced by layoffs. Kathy has been making progress for City residents. Now it is time for her to help her County constituents as well.”


Charles Barbour

Charlottesville Mayor 1974 -‘76
“I’ve voted for Kathy Galvin twice for City Council because she listens, is always prepared, and she gets things done. I support her run for the House of Delegates, 100%.”


Dave Chapman

Charlottesville Commonwealth's Attorney, 1994 – 2018
“Kathy Galvin is a dedicated public servant who is exceptionally well-qualified to represent our diverse community in the General Assembly. Her expertise in matters of state and local government is unsurpassed. Her compassion and commitment to progressive policies will help move the state forward in ways that are consistent with the values of the people of Charlottesville and Albemarle County.”


Ned Michie

Charlottesville City School Board Member, 2004 - present
“I served with Kathy Galvin on the School Board, and in my 14 years on the Board, no one has been a harder-working member than she. This was especially true when working to close student achievement gaps. From day one, Kathy focused on implementing progressive changes to make one of the most diverse school divisions in the Commonwealth better for all students.”


Sally Thomas

Chair, Albemarle County Board of Supervisors, 2001 - ’02
“Kathy Galvin has the technical, human, and organizational skills to bring new ideas into fruition. Since the 57th District includes almost equal number of City and County voters, its representative has to understand both jurisdictions, which uniquely, Kathy has proven that she can do. Since, with the infamous Dillon Rule, local governments are severely limited by actions at the General Assembly, I think we are best represented by someone who knows the struggles local governments have in meeting residents’ needs. Her amazing 12-year record of service to this community indicates the vigor, intelligence, and devotion that will make Kathy a uniquely fine representative for us all in Richmond.”


Delegate Mike Mullin

Virginia House of Delegates, 93rd District
“Kathy Galvin has been recognized throughout Virginia as an effective, progressive local Charlottesville leader for many years. As her friend and classmate through the Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership, I have admired the good she has been able to do in her community. I am looking forward to working with her in the General Assembly to further our progress in the Commonwealth.”


Elizabeth ‘Bitsy’ Waters

former Charlottesville Mayor and City Council Member
“Kathy Galvin is a really smart, hardworking public servant. She has dedicated herself personally and professionally to advancing social and economic justice, environmental sustainability and building better communities for everyone. What more could we ask of our next delegate at a time when providing affordable housing, narrowing gaps between rich and poor, and addressing climate change are at the top of our agenda? Kathy is by nature a problem solver and she’s open and responsive to input from constituents. Kathy’s not afraid to speak her mind, but she also knows how to build partnerships to get the job done and has a track record to prove this from her years of work on the Charlottesville School Board and the Charlottesville City Council. We’d all be very lucky to have her representing us in Richmond.”


Corey Clayborne

Former Vice Chair of the Charlottesville Planning Commission,
Executive Vice President, AIA Virginia, former member Virginia Board of Architects
(McAuliffe Administration)

“I had the honor and privilege of collaborating and serving with Councilor Galvin through my role as the Vice Chair of the City Planning Commission. Every time I encountered Councilor Galvin, she was exceptionally prepared and her contributions were not only valuable, but often thought provoking and innovative. Her meticulous approach to policy development results in solutions that are researched, feasible, and fiscally responsible. Being a professional architect, Kathy understands how to bring together individuals with various perspectives while solving community issues. Her architectural training combined with policy experience, enables her to make significant contributions toward the creation of equitable and vibrant communities. I have no doubt that Kathy Galvin would be a tremendous asset to the Virginia General Assembly and will represent all voices of the 57th District.”


Hosea Mitchell

Charlottesville Planning Commissioner
“Kathy and I have engaged on a range of issues over the years. Those issues include neighborhood development, housing redevelopment, economic development, social justice and our regions general planning and environmental challenges.  I have come to see her as a pragmatic progressive. Someone who cares deeply about, and works hard for ALL she serves no matter their station in life, ethnicity, religion or who they love. Yet, Kathy approaches her championship of her constituents causes with an eye for what it takes to get things done and a willingness to compromise when compromising leads to a positive outcome.  This is a rare trait in today’s public arena.  A trait that would be of great value in Richmond.”

Blake Caravati

Charlottesville Mayor 2000 - ‘02
“Charlottesville is in great need of steady and creative  leadership in Richmond. There is no better candidate than Kathy Galvin. Kathy has consistently proven her love for our City and for every citizen. Her experience as a Councilor, School Board member and as  a small business woman is a perfect fit for representing the special needs that we have in 57th District. Kathy knows the community and her  creative and progressive beliefs in our future will be well served in the House. Kathy's collaborative and “Can Do” style allows her to be the ONLY candidate that we can be sure will take our community into a bright future.”


Satyendra Singh Huja

Charlottesville Mayor 2012 - ’16
“I worked with Kathy Galvin on Charlottesville City Council for four years. I found her to be very diligent and hard working. She had creative solutions for dealing with problems. Kathy looked at issues in a comprehensive manner and tried to provide solutions that would benefit the whole community. She focused her efforts on the quality of the environment and quality of design. I can’t think of a better person representing us in the 57th District. I wholeheartedly endorse Kathy Galvin for Delegate for the 57th District.”


Daphne Spain

Albemarle County Planning Commissioner, Rivanna District 2016 -’19

Liz Palmer

Albemarle County Supervisor, Samuel Miller District
“I have worked with Kathy Galvin for the past six years in my capacity as the Samuel Miller District representative on the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors and served with her on the board of the Rivanna Water and Sewer Authority.Her integrity and clear-eyed, logical approach to the controversies and challenges that have faced our community make her stand out as an experienced and battle-tested public servant.”

Lonnie Murray

Elected Representative, Thomas Jefferson Soil and Water Conservation District - Albemarle County
“I endorse Kathy Galvin for Delegate because she has been a consistent ally in protection of our natural resources. Her experience and rational approach to policy making will make her effective in Richmond in addressing the needs of our area.”